I don’t understand why photographers say they’re not done with a few photos when I ask them about them like days after. Like I edit my photos right when I get home and usually just upload them no problem. Yes, I have a job also but that doesn’t slow me down.
But I’ve fucking given photographers free Merch to shoot my band and they don’t give me photos.
I’m fucking infuriated.

I feel like somewhere in the world an ugly picture of me is someone’s avi..

i hate being ignored i think im just gonna beat my dick and schleep

Haven’t wrote or recorded vocals yet but I made this song last night and I feel kind of good about it.

I’ve been writing so many songs lately for the EP but I can’t tell if it’s a hit or miss…

Lemme know what you think

don't you hate when you think you have to take a shit really bad, and once you sit on the toilet you just fart and that's it?